Never Be Stuck Formatting Your Ebooks
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One of the most annoying things that most ebook readers experience, right behind downloading problems, is not being able to navigate their freshly downloaded ebook.


To them, it doesn't matter if it's a 15 page short report or a 600 page ebook. They all want the same thing. . . .to get right to the parts they need to gain knowledge from. . . .without any added hassles.


But why is being able to navigate through an ebook so important to most readers?




We are living in an online automated, instant gratification world. And when people purchase a product they want it immediately. Especially when it comes to digital products such as ebooks.


Beyond that, they also want their ebooks to have a bit of functionality behind them so they can get right to the content that is most important to them. It may be that one little chapter, or sub-chapter, was the entire reason why they purchased your product in the first place.


Now what happens when that little bit of much wanted information is located on page 238 of your ebook and you have absolutely no way the reader can get straight to what they want?


Of course they are going to be very annoyed having to scroll through 237 previous pages just to get to the part they want to read. And this could result in you NOT having a repeat customer. Which is something I'm sure you certainly don't want.


Every ebook author wants to keep their customers happy. The by-product of which is a repeat customer. If you're selling digital books online, then you WANT repeat customers. Those customers mean more money in your online wallet.


Giving your customers the convenience they desire from jump may just give you the opportunity to turn a one-time customer into a life long customer.


And who doesn't want that?!


You, as an ebook author, and more importantly, seller, want to keep all your customers. Hey, you worked hard to get them. Why let a little thing like added functionality convenience stand in your way?


That is the Main Purpose of the "Do It Yourself Ebook Formatting Quick Start Guide". . .

To Help You Make Your PDF Ebook Products More “User Friendly” With the Minimum Amount of Work Possible For You!


Even if you add a simple Table of Contents to your ebooks, transcripts, or short reports, then you're already that much farther ahead of your competition. You wouldn't believe how many authors fail to add this to their products. Not only does this devalue their products, but annoys the heck out of their customers at the same time.


It's such a simple fix.


A slim minority of ebook authors get it right.


A big majority of them get it wrong.


I want YOU to be in that slim minority of getting it right.


Because if you are, then you have a chance to pick up some of the “big players” customers for your own.


And get them to become your long term customers.


Sounds silly, but it's possible.


Just for a simple convenience you make available to them through your ebooks or short reports.


Want to see what's inside?


Okay! Here's the FULL Table of Contents on what you'll be learning. . . .


That's 149 Pages of Instruction Including Screen Captures!


The "Do It Yourself Ebook Formatting Quick Start Guide" will teach you everything there is to learn about simple ebook formatting helping you increase the value of your products beginning today. Without a doubt.


But, if you don't take the learning tools I'm providing you with right now, whether you're a big fish or a little guppy, then ultimately, you'll be the one losing out on an opportunity to expand your customer base, and more than likely, your product value with the “customer comforts” explained here.


It's up to you which way you go. I'm hoping you choose the “right” path.



Need Something More Before You Decide?


All right. How about this. . . .


You Will Also Receive Full Transferable Master Resale Rights With Your Purchase Today!


Plus, I'll throw in a full Reseller's Kit that includes:


  • 1 Fully Developed Sales Page -- Just Like This One
  • 1 Fully Developed Thank You Page
  • All Necessary Graphics Included, Plus Various Sized Ecover Graphics
  • And Everything Zipped Up in One Neat .zip File For Easy Reselling


Use it to educate yourself and then resell it for 100% profits!


The decision is all yours.


What will you do to improve your next ebook?



Download Your Copy Today & Increase Your Product Value!




All The Best,

Tracy Yates


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